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Okay, in this first step, we create the central claim that you want your listeners to believe.
Let’s look at the one in the example again.
“Here’s the thing:
We have developed a new method for overcoming homelessness using artificial intelligence.”
So, this claim has two components: a positive outcome (reducing homelessness to zero), and
an advantage (the novel approach using artificial intelligence).
So, try to intertwine what positive outcome you promise with your advantage that helps
you achieve it.
Lead in with a phrase like, “The thing is…,” and then make your claim.
This lead-in phrase makes your listeners pay more attention.
If you want to, you can simply copy and paste one of the templates below to
create your claim.
Simply fill in the blanks.
Alright, so give it a try.
Please write what outcome you claim and the advantage you have into the green text area.
And then click next.