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Okie dokie, we’re on to step two, showing your evidence.
The evidence is the fuel that drives your credibility.
To have convincing evidence, it’s best to mix different kinds of details
that support your claim.
In our example about reducing homelessness, for instance, we gave examples for data points
like the person’s previous housing situation.
We provided a number, like three cities, and we referred to a specific piece of media coverage,
the story in the New York Times, and we gave a specific quote from it,
the “Tesla of community transformation.”
It’s important that you understand what it means to be specific.
Examples are numbers, names, what somebody said, a specific point in time, like
“just last week,” or something visual.
When you type your evidence into the green area, lead in with a phrase like, “For example…”
or “Let me give you some evidence,” to focus your listener’s attention, and try to include
at least three different types of specifics, like a number, a name, and a time reference,
like, “last July.”
Alright, write down your evidence, and then please click next.